Vitamin C Shower Head

Vitamin c shower head

4 Stage Vitamin C Shower Head

Are you experiencing Hair thinning, Hair loss, or balding, and wondering if the water from your shower head might be responsible? We should need to install shower filter for hair. We provide 4 Stage Vitamin C Shower Head that gives you non-chlorine water. This is the best shower head filter.


Benefits Of 4 Stage Vitamin C Shower Head


> It can eliminate the chlorine substance in the water, keep the Skin and Hair healthy
 At the shower, the VC balls will release a large VC for skin at the water. It gives the skin more shine and flexibility.
                                                                          >  It releases far infrared, improve the waters dissolving power, clearing power and penetrability is                                                             good  for eliminating the dirt in the skin, and supplements the moisture content for the skin
                                                            It releases Negative Ions which improves the lungs air exchange and metabolism


                                                         1. Please use the same size water duct to connect the tap water outlet pipe and shower,                                                                      according to the general shower use.
                                                         2. According the difference of water usage, you should change the inside cartridge every 3-6                     3. It is suitable for home, hotel, hair salon, beauty salon and bath center